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SSAU can undertake the measurement of spray characteristics, such as droplet size distribution, droplet velocity profiles, flux distribution and fan angle.  This can be useful for designing new spray generation systems and for evaluating the performance of different spray liquids through agricultural nozzles.


We use our own bespoke software, based on decades of experience, so that we are not limited by the standard data produced by commercial instruments.


We can obtain images of the spray formation close to a nozzle, which can help with our understanding of the interaction between spray liquid and nozzle design.


We can test agricultural nozzles against the relevant international performance standards and provide independent evidence of compliance.


We undertake spray classification against the BCPC or ASABE standards (shortly to be updated to the new ISO standard).

Our customers include Agrochemical and Adjuvant manufacturers, agricultural and industrial nozzle manufacturers and a wide range of other industries where spraying is an important process, including food production and automotive industries.

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