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The behaviour of a sprayed liquid on a surface is very important in determining the performance of the applied chemical – whether a plant protection product or a cleaner or decontaminant applied to a man-made surface.


We have developed techniques for characterising the spray deposit on a surface, including droplet spreading, area of surface covered, distribution of spray over a crop canopy in order to assess the performance of a spray generation system or a product formulation or additive.  These techniques involve both quantitative measures, such as quantity deposited on different parts of a plant, and qualitative, using photographic imaging.


We can use artificial targets of a similar structure to the plant under investigation, or we can use real plants, either grown in pots or trays, or dug up from the field.


We can undertake measurements of pesticide uptake into plants, rain fastness and losses due to volatilisation.


We can undertake herbicide efficacy experiments using our high-speed track sprayer with typical agricultural nozzles to spray trays of weeds, and can undertake similar field experiments in conjunction with partners.

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