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The delights of blogging

I was really chuffed that people read what I wrote last week, but then slightly baffled to be contacted by quite a few who want to register as 'members'. I looked back at the site and realised that the default blog in our wonderful website package insists that every blog has a membership with it. Now while it would be wonderful to get lots of online discussion going about spray application, sadly I think this could take up pretty much all my time (and I already spend too much time doing stuff that doesn't help pay the bills). So, for the time being at least, there is no 'membership' of the site on offer, and if you want to comment, send me a tweet or an email instead. Perhaps one day, when we are big enough to employ someone to do social media and marketing, we could have a go at this, but for the time being, it's only me that gets to put things on our website! Sorry!

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