Welcome to the Silsoe Spray Applications Unit

Silsoe Spray Application Unit is an experienced internationally recognised facility for research, development and bespoke testing, relating to the characterisation of sprays and spray behaviour, with particular expertise in the application of agricultural pesticides.


The unit has a team of specialists with established research experience in spray generation, transport and deposition. This includes conducting field experiments, laboratory work, the use of a specialised wind tunnel, and the development of mathematical models.

Latest News:  The BREAM2 v2 model is now available with up to 90%  drift reduction included.  

We are continuing to keep the Unit running during lockdowns, but with some staff working from home when possible, so we may not be in the office or by the phone.  Leave a message - email is most reliable - and we will get back to you. For further information on the potential impact of Covid-19 on our work, please see our latest update